Company Profile

Anhui Fengchi Pump and Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in designing and manufacturing pinch valve, pneumatic pinch valve, and slurry knife gate valve. We focus on flow control solutions to the most demanding conditions. Recently we have more than 50 personnel with the ability to design and produce large size and high pressure pinch valve series. We’re named as National High-Tech Enterprise with numerous inventions and utility model patents. Our products are widely applied in large mines domestic and abroad with the features of abrasive & corrosive resistance, free of maintenance, and high performance-price ratio. It is an excellent replacement for conventional valves.

Anhui Fengchi Pump & Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has successively got ISO9001-2015QMS, ISO14000EMS, ISO45001OHSMS, CE and RoHS certified.

Fengchi obtains the ability to design and manufacture large size products by owning large-scale vulcanization equipment, rubber refining equipment, and numerous testing equipment for rubber raw material.

We insist on providing high performance products and professional service team to extend the maintenance intervals of customers’ equipment and reduce the loss caused by frequent downtime, so as to bring more benefits to our customers.

We wish you prefer Fengchi pumps and valves, let us customize the exclusive flow control solutions for you according to your working conditions.

Pinch valve is widely applied in power plant, sewage plant, mining, and chemical process control. It is especially fit for the working conditions with easy scale formation. It can be 100% tight shut-off even with particles, since the rubber valve sleeve, the only part in contact with fluid medium, is made of vulcanized rubber, that’s why it is with high abrasive resistance and corrosive resistance, so pinch valve is competent even if complex chemical reactions are taking place in the pipeline.

The pinch valves we design and manufacture have been selected by all walks of life and won a good reputation. Some of the applications and working conditions of pinch valves are as below:

Please contact with Fengchi engineers for larger size and higher pressure.

We provide customized services of pinch valve series for you.